We rent to the public, businesses, municipalities, farmers, and contractors.  Our insurance carrier does mandate that those that rent from us must have a million-dollar general liability insurance policy.

Normal wear and tear is included in the rental rate. If any damage occurs that is deemed outside of normal wear and tear it is paid for by the renter, or the renter’s insurance company. Equipment theft falls under the renter’s responsibility or insurance.

We have an extensive check-in process for machines before and after they come back from rent, as well as when we purchase and sell them. We’ve created a specific procedure to ensure that a machine does not leave our yard until it is completely job site ready. There is a machine checklist specific to each machine that is completed by a trained member of our staff to ensure that the machine is ready to leave our yard. We do offer warranty options.

We do not. We will work with a customer to source parts.

We only provide service and technical assistance to rented and sold machine customers.

While we do recondition our own equipment, we do not provide reconditioning services for customers.

Our goal is to get you in the machine you need as soon as possible. Our rates are competitive, our equipment is reliable, and we work with you in a way our larger competitors cannot or will not. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.

There are a lot of grey areas in used equipment. We recognize that, and work to guarantee our customers are comfortable with the machine they purchase. We provide up-to-date photographs and videos of the machine, allow customers to come to our yard to see the machine in person before purchase, as well as answer any questions that customers may have. We live by the age-old adage of treating people they way we want to be treated, and we work to ensure our customers feel secure in their purchase before the machine leaves our yard.

We offer warranty options for most machines we sell for an additional cost.

There are used heavy equipment dealers all over the world, larger and smaller than we are. We recognize that, which is why we focus on you as a customer. Buying a piece of heavy equipment is a serious investment. We provide more customized customer service to guarantee your wants and needs are met. Clark Equipment has a diverse fleet of equipment, and we work with you to make sure you have the machine you want.

We always accept applications. Please visit our Careers page for more information.